16 Nov 2017 / Bratislava, Slovakia


The 1st year of the FinTechsummit conference will bring together knowledgeof finance technology from both foreign and domestic experts. It will be openedby the UK ambassador to Slovakia, Andrew Garth. The conference will provide a properspace for networking among investors, start-ups and banks from CEN/V4 countries andthe UK, as well.

November 16, 2017 | 9am - 5pm

Bratislava, Slovakia


Speakers are the experts from banking sector, cyber security sector and financialservices companies. They come from CEE, V4 countries (Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary), Austria, UK and Switzerland.   

Event is focused on following participants:

  • Private and business customers
  • Financial education sector
  • Banks
  • Insurers
  • Start - ups
  • Other financial industry companies

What to Expect


Block PSD2 & Regtech from regulatory opportunity, moving into the 22nd century. Moderated roundtable: moderator Lydia Goutas with five speakers from different countries will introduce the legislation and will share their view on implementation.


Moderated roundtable, where will be discussed the following questions:

• Do banks/financial institutions have sufficiently skilled human capital to cover challenging requirements?

• What new qualifications will be needed in financial sector in the upcoming decade?

• In which areas of banking services can we expect reatest staff shortages and how to deal with it?


What are the challenges for financial institutions? Should the bank monitor block chain activity of its clients? Doesblock-chain impose any reputational risk for the bank? How to get rid of this reputational risk?

Venue & Location

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Hotel Crowne Plaza Bratislava

Conference fees

250 EUR + VAT - Full conference package
165 EUR + VAT - Early bird Full conference package (until 15.10.2017)
125 EUR + VAT - Full conference package (for start-up only)
  48 EUR + VAT - Full conference package (for students only)
  50 EUR + VAT - B2B matching session only






Michaela Viskupičová

Peter Kopkáš